But if changes are so extensive that most text would be affected, explain them in the introduction only. Even if your resubmission scores slightly worse, that probably won’t affect the funding chances of an earlier application. Resubmissions Approvals to submit. We strongly recommend that even if your application scored just above the payline or is on a list for possible selective pay or end-of-year funding, don’t wait to see what will happen. Capitalize on your strengths and throw out or revise the parts reviewers felt were weak.

State the title if you’re responding to an initiative. If you are on a list for possible selective pay or end-of-year funding, resubmit—don’t wait to see what will happen. Include a complete cover letter if you did not pass validations and submitted a corrected application. Then after you get your summary statement, add to the revisions you’ve already made to address peer reviewer concerns. Abutment Plague in San Francisco: When you start revising, discuss the reviewers’ points one by one.

cover letter nih resubmission

For more about cover letters, see Cover Letter Attachment. Even better, change your proposal. We can’t stress the point enough.

January 29, Minutes: Resubmissoon 29, Minutes: You may be able to start revising right away, but take the time to do the best job you can.

If possible within your introduction’s one-page limit, address comments point by point. Talk to colleagues and mentors to get their take and before you decide whether to request a new study section, keeping the following points in mind:. Outline them in your introduction, summarizing substantial additions, deletions, and changes to the application as well as responding to major weaknesses raised in the summary statement.


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cover letter nih resubmission

Then ask yourself these questions: Include any new preliminary data you have, and strengthen the application where possible—even in areas your reviewers did not question. Resubmiszion a summary statement is not resubmissiln exhaustive critique of your proposal, it may not list all concerns reviewers had plus issues they may have raised had the discussion continued. State the title if you’re responding to an initiative.

It’s better to wait for the next receipt date than send an application prematurely.

Revise and Resubmit an Application

Be respectful even if you disagree. William Faubion”Inflammatory cascades disrupt Treg function trough epigenetic mechanisms” Application from Drs. Note that resubmissiom individual changes by using brackets, indents, or change of typography in the text of Specific Aims, Research Strategy, and other application attachments is no longer required, though NIH will continue to accept applications that contain the specific mark-ups.

cover letter nih resubmission

You may also enhance the rest of your application by adding any new information and data you wish. If the verdict is no bih any of the above, the study section may not have been the best fit. That’s a clue that your application and the study section were a poor fit.

You Will Still Use Cover Letters, but Not for Assignment Requests

On this form you can:. Introduction section Both applications include a summary of critiques and changes made in response. Research Plan and elsewhere in the body of your application. Have a Funding Question? For example, if reviewers don’t like an approach, propose a different one, even if you don’t agree. State the title if you’re responding to an initiative.


If the announcement has been reissued or updated, make sure you’re aware of new deadlines, eligibility criteria, forms, and instructions, all of which may have changed since your previous application. January 28, Minutes: If your reviewers were enthusiastic about your idea and found fixable problems, revising and requesting mih same study section is usually the way to go.

Revise and Resubmit an Application | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Many resubmissions score better than the initial application, though of course there’s no guarantee. Do resubnission have a sense that no matter what you wrote your reviewers resubjission have appreciated it?

If you are on a list for possible selective pay or end-of-year funding, resubmit—don’t wait to see what will happen. Respond point by point to the reviewers’ comments and suggestions, stating how you dealt with all the criticisms in the summary statement.

Highlight your reviewers’ comments in your introduction and the body of your application, usually in the Research Plan.